Les Marsh, CPA (Owner)

I have been employed in the field of accounting for over 30 years, graduating from the University of Toledo with a BBA, majoring in accounting in 1984 and passed the CPA exam in the late 80’s.  His specialty is working with small to mid-size business. He is specifically with business planning, working with growth companies, and helping to improve profitability and cash flow of businesses in various industries.

I currently own an accounting firm, The Bottom Line, specializing in multi-state and federal tax and small to mid-size business issues and have been self-employed for 17 years.  In addition to traditional accounting functions, I consult with small business owners and performs as an “external- controller” for some of them.


As Controller, CFO and International purchasing manager of Clarke Power Products: I have helped facilitate the growth of the company from $5M annual sales to $20M, while increasing efficiency, streamlining administrative functions, managing cash flow and banking relationships and helping to increase profitability.

Les was also the Controller of New Waste Concepts during a time when it doubled in size and set up many systems and helped lay the infrastructure for their growth, and was a Divisional controller for OmniSource Corporation. Before this he worked for 5 years as a staff accountant for Max Dorfmeister and Company.

Kimberly Burke
Office Manager

Kimberly had an interview with David V Brown on Alexis Rd. in 1997, this began her career in accounting. David wasn’t always a patient teacher, but Kim learned a lot about accounting with him. Around the year of 2000 David bought another accounting firm which specialized in payroll, thus began Kim’s new position as payroll specialist. Due to illness David sold his practice in 2008 to Bay Accounting.

Again Kim was beginning a new chapter in her career. This new journey will take Kim into a crash course in personal tax returns. Kim found another field in accounting that she grew to enjoy. Alas, in 2012 Bay Accounting was put up for sale.

In 2013 Les Marsh purchased Bay Accounting. Kim came along for the ride. With the help from Les the transition was not as bumpy a road as one might think. November 2014 the Alexis Rd. business and the Sterns Rd. business merged to form one business. The hardest part for Kim was remembering all the new company names when answering the phone! As the company continues to grow, so has Kim.

Kim has two grown children and 4 grandchildren. When not working or playing with her grandkids you will find Kim buried in one of her many mystery books.

To contact Kim, please email or call The Bottom Line LLC at 419-472-2841.

Stephanie Jozwiak
Staff Accountant (AA)

Stephanie started her first accounting career at The Bottom Line and has been employed since July of 2016. Stephanie is dedicated to learning from Les and her superiors and has been satisfied with the opportunity to be able to. Altogether, Stephanie is involved with multiple responsibilities at The Bottom Line, but is focused on continuing her development with understanding the altitudes of successful business operations and the necessary procedures that are followed to do so.

Stephanie enjoys helping individuals with problems and upholds a positive attitude when attacking difficult challenges. She has been employed for more than 11 years with customer service related jobs and is passionate about keeping those around her pleased.

Stephanie has two children and maintains a busy schedule each day. She loves family time, especially when celebrating special occasions. Her happiest moments are created particularly by the involvement in her children’s life and observing their accomplishments. Stephanie earned her Associate in accounting and human resources from Davis College in 2018. Although she does plan on continuing her education in further time, for now Stephanie plans on improving her proficiency of accounting and tax at The Bottom Line with first hand experience.

To contact Stephanie, please email or call The Bottom Line LLC at 419-472-2841.

Trina Knitz
Tax Professional

To contact Trina, please email or call The Bottom Line LLC at 419-472-2841.

Christen Souders 
Staff Accountant (BA)

To contact Christen, please email or call The Bottom Line LLC at 419-472-2841.

Gino Lombardo
Tax Professional

To contact Gino, please email or call The Bottom Line LLC at 419-472-2841.

Ada Huang
Tax Professional

To contact Ada, please email or call The Bottom Line LLC at 419-472-2841.

Victoria Huffman

To contact Victoria, please email or call The Bottom Line LLC at 419-472-2841.